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  • Delivery Manager

    Principal duties: 1) Delivery organization development 2) Project / Program management and supervision 3) Hiring and coaching of key staff 4) People management of direct reports 5) Customer facing and relations development Responsibilities:

    • Project planning activities (scope, schedule, resources) • Identify, track and resolve resource constrains and/or conflicts that affect multiple projects within the program. • Identify cross-project tasks' interdependencies, avoid/resolve deadlocks, ensure efficient reuse. • Monitoring of project plan implementation, including implementation of corrective measures. • Supervise and manage the individual performance of key staff. • Facilitation of reporting and communication with Client • Ensure timely delivery • Regular communication with Customer • Risk mitigation activities that impact the direction or delivery of multiple projects • Build a project team with appropriate skills, attitudes and motivation. • Responsible for career development of team members - manage career aspirations, set career paths, provide coaching and mentoring • Balance stakeholder's expectations, requirements, resources, and timing conflicts across several running projects. • Be escalation point for issues, scope changes, quality, communication management, risks, or interfaces/dependencies. • Enforce the adherence to the Luxoft quality processes and procedures. • Prepares / updates the metrics dashboard • Understand and map Luxoft Automotive goals and strategy to account • Identify best practices could be contributed to the company development • Ensure and lead knowledge management, sharing and cross-teams trainings • Drive process improvement activities, generalize projects' process improvements to practice level • Mentor key staff, plan, implement and control people development • Develop case studies, publications, training materials

  • Архитектор решений по управлению доступом (IDM/IAM)

    • Анализ требований заказчиков; • Разработка концепций, архитектурных решений и подходов к внедрению решений по управлению доступом • Разработка и согласование проектной документации (концепций, технических заданий, спецификаций реализации, презентаций и др.) • Выполнение роли лидера группы: планирование работы группы, разработка и постановка задания для разработчиков, отслеживание выполнения, поддержание рабочей атмосферы в команде • Обеспечение требуемого качества исходных текстов кода (структурированность, логичность, расширяемость, наличие и уместность комментариев) • Контроль соответствия разработанных систем архитектурным требованиям • Кураторство сотрудников на позициях Разработчика и Старшего разработчика

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  • Архитектор решений по информационной безопасности

    Участие в проектах по созданию систем защиты информации: • Обследование информационных систем и выявление потребностей Заказчика • Разработка и согласование функциональных требований к создаваемой системе • Проработка технического решения, стендовое моделирование • Документирование разработанного решения (документация Технического проекта, рабочая и эксплуатационная документация) • Сопровождение работ/консультации инженеров внедрения в процессе реализации решения на площадке Заказчика • Участие в приемочных испытаниях, передача в промышленную эксплуатацию

    Участие в pre-sale: • Поиск перспективных решений и технологий в области защиты информации и их техническая проработка • Проведение пилотных проектов для демонстрации возможностей решения Заказчику • Разработка ТКП и бюджетных оценок

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  • Account Director Automotive Navigation ­Germany

    • AD is responsible for overall satisfaction of current Customers as well as development of emerging accounts in Navigation space • AD ensures the Account performance and development by leadership, guidance, goals setting and control Delivery / Business Development and Engagement Managers of the Account. • AD is responsible for all high-level projects organization activities (planning, staffing, budgeting and control) fulfilled for the Customer. • Analyzes industry trends, sales channels, competition.
    • Negotiates new opportunities and business cases/ delivery goals/ budgets with the Customer. • Plays an active role in mentoring, conflict resolutions, staff motivation, defining objectives and performance goals. • AD translates and clarifies company goals and strategy to projects level. • Working closely with Luxoft Automotive Engineering Practices and Center of Expertise to promote corresponding technologies inside Luxoft • Reporting to Sales Director Automotive. • Location: Stuttgart, Munich, Frankfurt

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  • Head of Sales Operations

    • Designs, implements, and manages sales forecasting processes. Establishes high levels of quality, accuracy, and process consistency in forecasting approaches used by the sales organization. Ensures forecasting and planning efforts are appropriately integrated with other planning processes employed within the firm. • Accountable for the timely assignment of all sales organization objectives. • Partners with senior sales leadership to identify opportunities for sales process improvement. Facilitates successful implementation of new programs through the sales organization by ensuring a welldefined, efficient sales process is in place for launch. Fosters an organization of continuous process improvement. • Prioritizes investments in enabling technologies in support of sales organization productivity. Works closely with the LOB sales teams and CIO to understand firm sales and technology strategy. Drives changes and enhancements to the CRM technology platform. • Makes recommendations for changing sales roles, coverage models, or team configurations in order to maximize sales productivity. Leads a change management process to build organizational understanding of proposed changes, establish support from key leadership stakeholders, and effectively implement new deployment and job models. • Works closely with senior sales leadership to define the optimal performance measurements and performance management programs required to ensure sales organization success. Aligns reporting, training, and incentive programs with these performance management priorities. • Ensures sales reports and other internal intelligence is provided to the sales organization. Develops new reporting tools as needed. Coordinates with sales leadership and other stakeholders to lead efficient and accurate sales force reporting initiatives. • Working with Human Resources and senior sales leadership, designs sales incentive compensation programs that provide market-competitive pay, reinforce sales organization strategy, and align with business and sales organization objectives. • Oversees sales compensation plan administration. Establish sales compensation program rules, policies, and procedures. Ensures sufficient resources are assigned to adequately administer sales compensation programs. Works closely with Finance, and Human Resources to establish rules, policies, and procedures associated with sales compensation.


    • Accountable for the on-time implementation of sales organization quotas and performance objectives. • Accountable for the thorough implementation of sales organization-impacting initiatives. • Responsible for the efficient allocation of technology, support, and training resources impacting the sales organization. • Accountable for accurate and on-time reporting essential for sales organization effectiveness. • Achievement of strategic objectives defined by company management.

    • Reports to the VP Corporate Management. • Works with three vertical sales organizations in firm’s lines of business. • Directly manages team of three to five analysts (defining organization scope and structure). • Directs the support of sales specialists, implementation resources, service resources, and other sales and management resources as needed, coordinating with the appropriate management resources. • Fosters close, cooperative relationships with peer leaders and other senior executives.

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