Integration Manager (Digital Enterprise)

Moscow Technology

  • Goal: ensure seamless and smooth integration of acquired business operations
  • Scope: Legal, IT, Finance, Purchasing, Recruitment, HR, Travel (and others)
  • Day to day tasks: facilitate integration activities with newly acquired businesses; work will require facing various tasks / issues of different nature Activities:
  • Liaise with respective corporate services to ensure acquired business functions are integrated without negative business impact
  • Analyze "as is" situation in acquired business, contact local business representatives and gather necessary information
  • Find consensus solutions satisfying corporate goals and minimizing acquired business impact
  • Serve as a contact and mediator point for corporate systems implementations run within acquired business
  • Design and implement interim business processes before corporate processes are implemented
  • Drive management initiatives within acquired business
  • Resolve various issues of different nature arising from integration activities and remove roadblocks for acquired business
  • Support Management reporting : ensure necessary data is captured in the respective systems, understand where to get what in the acquired business


General skills & experience: - General understanding of consulting business (IT) - Experience (OR): o 1+ year experience in similar role OR o 2+ years' experience in business consultancy OR o Senior management position in Delivery Projects (IT) involving accountability for majority of business operations OR o Senior operational role in department or company - Understanding majority of business aspects (see "Scope" in "Responsibilities" section) - Ability to work with data accurately, good knowledge of Excel - Self-driven / facilitates others, doesn't require micro-management - Fluent English Soft skills: - Excellent communication skills & non conflicting nature - Experience working with different cultures (India is a big plus) Readiness for: - Open minded / ready for change - Self-motivated / ready for very different tasks arising from all aspects of business - Readiness for mid-term (1-2 weeks) business trips (abroad)

Projektbeschreibung und Arbeitsbedingungen:

Company Acquisitions: due diligence, short & long term integration activities.

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