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  • Real Time Data Feed Analytics Engineer (Market Data)

    • Developing low latency solutions for real time feeds for daily sourcing and collating of the exchange and market data files into firms databases
    • Investigating and troubleshooting feed handlers or data problems as they occur
    • Fixing code issues in the feed handlers
    • Review and influence the design and standards of the software (data feed handlers)

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  • Frontend Developer

    • Build UI of customer facing responsive cross-browser single-page applications using modern web technologies and frameworks.
    • Utilize an existing design framework, build customized, standards compliant, cross-browser supported code.
    • Commit new components to populate the framework library.
    • Collaborate with other teams to maintain code standards and consistency.
    • Participate in planning, implementation, testing and release activities.
    • Share and apply knowledge and best practices within the team.

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  • Java developer

    • Design and develop container based solutions and microservices for Predix cloud platform.
    • Participate in planning, implementation, testing and release activities.
    • Develop scalable, re-usable and high-quality source code.
    • Design and implement system logic, RESTful APIs and microservices.
    • Implement and maintain unit and functional tests.
    • Share and apply knowledge and best practices within the team.

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  • Python developer

    В работе используется микросервисный /сервисный подход к проектированию приложений, важна чистота кода, архитектуры проектов, документации и покрытие тестами. Команды постоянно работают над улучшением процесса разработки, стараясь, с одной стороны, обеспечить быстрый и комфортный релиз, а с другой — соответствовать постоянно повышающимся требованиям к качеству и безопасности кода. Коллеги приветствуют инициативу и новый взгляд на решение проблем, есть для этого много сложных и нерутинных задач.

    • Разработка realtime-систем процессинга (системы, в которых живут и ходят банковские карточки), а также других финансовых систем с высокой нагрузкой
    • Разработка бизнес-систем (автоматизация бизнес-процессов)
    • Разработка аналитических систем
    • Разработка систем определения и предотвращения мошеннических операций
    • Оптимизация сервисов под высокие нагрузки

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  • Digital Product Manager

    • Manage the development of new products for Russian market in consumer-to-consumer (C2C), consumer-to-business (C2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) segments – with a focus on Digital products and technologies
    • Coordinate the efforts of marketing, operations, business development and other functions to develop, test and launch new products
    • This position will have responsibility for identifying market opportunities for new financial products, focusing initially on the launch of a consumer to consumer and consumer to business segments
    • The position includes responsibility for developing the relevant business models, product/channel specifications and implementation plans
    • Identify the development opportunities of the Company products accordingly to the diverse channel options and partner's needs in Russian market
    • Drive and manage properly high impact projects, involving multiple functions from the Company, responsible for deliverables under well-defined KPIs associated to each project
    • Clear understanding and correlation between technical possibilities (including partner’s IT landscape) and new product specifications, long term vision for technical upgrades required to support any new product, from field upgrades to back office
    • Responsibilities split: 60% - product management and implementation; 20% - research and identification of new opportunities; 20% - innovation

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