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  • Architect (R&D, BigData)

    • Designing and improving architecture of applications for Siemens Big Data platform (Mindsphere)
    • Requirements elicitation, analysis and management. Communication with end customers
    • Selecting technology stack for development of back-end and client-server communication layers
    • Setting up and supervision of proper development, testing and release processes
    • Supervision of engineers and interns
    • Work closely with data scientists to solve technical challenges within distributed environments
    • R&D in emerging technologies for Big Data and IoT
    • Improve scalability, stability, accuracy, speed and efficiency of the platform applications
    • Work in a team using agile development methodologies such as Scrum, KANBAN
    • Continuous improvement of the tools and processes used by the team

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  • С++Team lead

    • Lead a team of developers to making sure of timely delivery of system functionality
    • Lead all phases of the software development life cycle including requirements gathering, analysis of business and technical requirements
    • Develop software solutions to address business needs in a high-paced, agile development environment
    • Design, develop and implement new features and modules in company's financial software system and improving existing ones
    • Be responsible for tracking the progress of an implementation to meet deliverables and the system go live date
    • Work directly with business users to review business / functional / technical requirements to ensure high quality delivery of any configuration and / or custom code
    • Manage day-to-day application and user support group of the system
    • Remediate failures and evaluate and communicate impact

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  • C# Developer

    • Develop, implement and support system backend services (C#, .NET Core platform).
    • Develop and implement the sample data collection and maintenance process as the part of the system.
    • Maintain database and data models.
    • Maintain flexible and effective system backend architecture.
    • Develop and maintain CI/CD in cooperation with DevOps engineers.
    • Optimize system performance.
    • Work in Agile environment with a team of skilled developers.
    • Review and control codebase.
    • Participate in system deployment in customers’ environment.

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  • QA Engineer

    • Анализ и тестирование проектной документации (требования, ТЗ, функциональные спецификации, и т.д.)
    • Настройка тестового окружения и развертывание ПО на тестовом сервере
    • Разработка тестовой документации: тест-кейсы, тест-планы, инструкции пользователей по несложному функционалу
    • Подготовка тестовых данных
    • Функциональное тестирование ПО, согласно проектной документации (требования, ТЗ, спецификации, и т.д.)
    • Проведение нагрузочного тестирования, тестирование юзабилити и совместимости
    • Идентификация дефектов, их оформление в баг-трекинговой системе
    • Отслеживание жизненного цикла дефектов
    • Повторное тестирование исправленных дефектов
    • Ведение отчетности процесса тестирования
    • Работа с тестовым оборудованием
    • Тестирование по запросам от техподдержки
    • Взаимодействие с сотрудниками смежных подразделений (отдел аналитики, отдел разработки, отдел технической поддержки, инженерный отдел)

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  • R&D Engineer / Leading Engineer (Application Frontend)

    • Development of new web based applications for Siemens Big Data platform (Mindsphere)
    • Design, develop and maintain code base and architecture
    • Work closely with backend developers to solve technical challenges of data processing and visualization
    • Work in a team using agile development methodologies such as Scrum, KANBAN
    • Continuous improvement of the tools and processes used by the team

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