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  • Head of Global Marketing

    • Support the delivery of company’s strategy on new markets, working in close contact with company’s top managers and the global sales team
    • Build a global marketing team; set processes on a technological footing with regard to product, industry and regional vertical integration; synchronise with company regional specialists
    • Develop targeted materials and campaigns, enhance the value of messages and the effectiveness of their delivery by proactively working with threat intelligence and product teams, by collecting and processing feedback from customers, sellers and PR
    • Support account managers and partners (smart localisation and convenient delivery of marketing materials, coaching, feedback collection and processing, analytical support)
    • Plan and budget offline and online marketing activities, with transparent evaluation criteria
    • Establish and develop relations with industry analysts, specialist organisations and market experts.

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  • Partner – Immobilienfinanzierung

    Als Partner (m/w) beraten Sie Banken und andere Kreditgeber bei Akquisitions- und Immobilienfinanzierungen inklusive Trusts und Funds (REITs, REIFs). Darüber hinaus begleiten Sie den Erwerb und die anschließende Restrukturierung und Refinanzierung von größeren notleidenden Kreditportfolien von Gewerbeimmobilien und unterstützten im Bereich des Asset Managements.

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  • Business Development Manager

    • Developing growth strategies and plans focused both on financial gain and customer satisfaction
    • Having an in-depth knowledge of specifics, positioning, landscape of promoted products or services and be able to advise others about them
    • In close collaboration with key stakeholders, build and adapt the product strategy based on research, analysis and market and industry conditions to achieve the Company’s business objectives.
    • Product development, the formation of a go-to market strategy in conjunction with the marketing department
    • Increasing client base, building long-term relationships with new and existing customers
    • researching new business opportunities and viable income streams - including new markets, growth areas, trends, customers
    • Following industry trends locally and internationally

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  • Product Manager (Logistics)

    • Запуск и развитие внутреннего продукта в области логистики.
    • Дальнейшее развитие продукта и совершенствование бизнес-процессов.

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  • Разработчик Python

    • Проработка архитектурных решений, прототипирование Backend сервисов и компонентов портального решения
    • Разработка Backend сервисов и компонентов портального решения
    • Анализ требований и выработка технических решений
    • Оценка ресурсов и сроков выполнения задач в рамках своего участка работ
    • Участие в разработке архитектуры сервиса и проектировании баз данных, анализ разработанного кода
    • Рефакторинг существующего кода, проведение code review
    • Внедрение новых технологий, инструментов и методов разработки

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